Eris Home Aluminum BiFold Door - 120″ x 96″ Inswing (1L3R) BFI-12096-1L3R

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Eris Home Aluminum BiFold Door - 120″ x 96″ Inswing (1L3R) BFI-12096-1L3R

Eris Aluminum Bifold Doors

Eris Bifold doors are elegant, functional, space-saving, and energy-saving for your home. The bifold doors provide easy access, plenty of natural light, and create an unobstructed view that helps you blend the boundary between inside and out. Furthermore, Eris products use German made hardware including handle set, small handle, top wheel, and bottom wheel. Eris bifold doors are a bottom-hung system. Therefore, they consist of two wheels at the bottom of the door running on a track, with a guide at the top running in a channel to keep the door stable and steady. Similarly, in a bottom-hung system, all the weight of the door is concentrated on the two bottom wheels. For that reason, it is easier to install compared to a top-hung system.

Aluminum Bifold Doors Features

Our bifold doors range from 6 feet up to 30 feet door configurations in standard opening sizes. Each panel ranges in size from 26 inches up to 50 inches. We have a variety of panels that fold to the left or right, opening either out-swing or in-swing. In addition, one door can be stationery and act as a single door, making this perfect for cold or hot days. Our doors meet the latest building standard code (title 24) for all states regarding safety and energy. Check out our bifold door video for functionality and quality. Contact us for more information and quotes.

7500 Series Aluminum

7500 series aluminum profile provides thermal break technology featuring a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside aluminum profiles. As a result, creating an insulated barrier within the bifold door frame. Consequently, this will transfer heat and cold slower than standard aluminum.

Product Specifications 

  • Average lifespan is 40 years.
  • Aluminum frames have a scratch-free coating.
  • Moisture resistant and will not rust.
  • Small installation space required.
  • Creates more space both inside and in the patio.
  • Enjoy much more natural light in your house.
  • Heavy duty hardware for smooth operation
  • All Eris bifold doors are bottom-hung system
  • U-factor 0.29 & SHGC 0.23

Glass Options


  • Doubled Tempered Glass


  • Laminated Tempered Glass
  • E Glass – Block UV 100% (Type A & B) filled with argon gas
  • Tinted Tempered Glass filled with argon gas
  • Safety Tempered glass filled with argon gas

If you have questions and need a different size, please contact us at (833) 833-4283 with your requirements for your custom BiFold Doors. We can custom make sizes up to 30ft wide and 14ft tall.


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