Aleko Wireless Keypad 433.92 Mhz LM172-AP

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Aleko Wireless Keypad 433.92 Mhz LM172-AP

Product Description

Wireless Keypad LM172 frequency is 433.92Mhz
Compatible with ALEKO swing gate openers AS/GG Series 450/600/650/850 900/1200/1300/1700 models, sliding gate openers AC 1300/1500/1700/2200/2400/2700/5700 and AR 900/1350/1550/1750/2250/2450/2750/5750 Series. Also compatible with LockMaster LM902 LM901 Swing Gate Openers and DSC DSR SCG/SFG(H Model only) Sliding Gate Openers bought after July 2011.
Not for all LM DSC DSR SCG SFG models, if you not sure, please contact our customer service.
Compatible with ALEKO SWING: AS450, AS600, AS650, AS900, AS1200, AS1300

Compatible with ALEKO SLIDING: AR900, AR1300, AR1800, AR2200, AR2700, AR5700, AC1300, AC1800, AC2200, AC2700, AC5700
The wireless keypad LM172 433.92Mhz should be installed outside of the property "Pull to Open" and in the same side of the driveway where the control box is installed. The distance between the keypad and control box should not exceed 5 meters (16 feet).

If the keypad is installed in the other side of the driveway, the keypad operation maybe interfered by the electromagnetic waves from a passing vehicle. Please see diagram below:
Aleko Wireless Keypad 433.92 Mhz Lm172-Ap

åÊAleko Wireless Keypad 433.92 Mhz Lm172-Ap

Aleko Wireless Keypad 433.92 Mhz Lm172-Ap

Wireless Keypad LM172 User Manual