Aleko Universal Metal Wired Keypad Lm178-Ap Keypads

Aleko Universal Metal Wired Keypad LM178-AP

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Aleko Universal Metal Wired Keypad LM178-AP

Product Description

The keypad LM178 is housed in a strong, sturdy and vandal proof Zinc Alloy electroplated case which is available in either a bright silver or matt silver finish. It is featured with twin delay output (two doors control). The electronics are fully potted so the unit is waterproof and conforms to IP68. This unit supports up to 2000 users either a Card, 4-8 digit PIN, or a Card + Pin option. The keypad has many extra features including lock output current short circuit protection, Weigand output, and anti tamper alarm and a backlit keypad.

Product Features

  • Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
  • Backlight Keypad
  • Two-door independent control
  • Full programming from the keypad
  • Built in buzzer alarm for anti tamper
  • Stand alone access control with card reader functions
  • Three access control modes optional: "Password", "Card", or "Password + Card"
  • Weigand 26 output, can work as an extra card reader

Product Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: DC 12-24V & AC12-18V
  • Idle current: <35 mA
  • Relative Humidity: 10%-95%;
  • Registered Capacity: 1200 users (Zone 1: Users; Zone2:100 users)
  • Support Card: EM
  • Water proof: IP65
  • Operating Temperature: 40°C - 60°C