Aleko Replacement Coil for Electric Lock - 24V-1618922501

Aleko Replacement Coil for Electric Lock - 24V-1618922501

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If you have a gate opener system on your property, you want to keep ALEKO LM149 Electric Gate Lock on hand. Though it's made by ALEKO, it is compatible with 24V gate opener system, even from another manufacturer. This is a coil for ALEKO Electrick Lock LM149 24V. ALEKO is a company known for state-of-the-art technology and strong, rugged construction, and you'll find both of those qualities in this set. This is a swing gate lock you can rely on when you need it. A reliable tool like this makes your home safer and more secure for you and your family. This 24V gate opener lock is versatile enough to be used with many brands of gate openers. Keep it on hand as a replacement part so you don't get stuck behind a gate that won't open. The ALEKO LM149 Electric Gate Lock is handy for new constructions or to repair a malfunctioning piece.

  • Coil for ALEKO electric lock LM149 24V
  • Compatible with 24V gate opener systems
  • Sturdy, reliable swing gate lock
  • Use in new construction or as a replacement part
  • Works with systems from other manufacturers in addition to ALEKO's