Aleko Hemlock Mobile Outdoor Sauna with Trailer – 8-10 Person Capacity HEMSAUNATR-AP

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Aleko Hemlock Mobile Outdoor Sauna with Trailer – 8-10 Person Capacity HEMSAUNATR-AP

Product Description

This stylish sauna is fully assembled and ready for you to enjoy! Made right here in the USA, this outdoor sauna is designed for mobility and includes a Bulldog trailer that allows for easy transport. Bring this traditional-style sauna on your next adventure or rent it out to others for extra income! Wherever it goes, this stunning and therapeutic sauna is sure to please.

We built this sauna using premium materials to ensure your new home spa lasts. Hemlock wood is considered one of the best types of wood for saunas because of its natural resistance to humidity, change in temperature, fungus, and decay. It is also a low-scented wood, which makes it a great option for if you have allergies. The sauna’s door is made from tempered glass designed to withstand extreme changes in temperature. To protect your sauna’s exterior, the roof is covered by Bitumen shingles.

With an outdoor sauna, you can enjoy luxurious self-care any day of the week, and at a time that best fits your schedule. Relax in a sauna that is steamy or dry — you get to choose! Simply pour water over the rocks to produce steam and let yourself indulge in restorative self-care.  

Pick up this sauna and trailer from our Kent store or we can deliver this sauna to you for an extra towing fee. Speak with our customer service representative for an exact quote.


  • Mobile sauna is fully assembled and can be easily transported with included trailer
  • Traditional sauna design allows you to enjoy a wet or dry sauna session depending on your preferences
  • Hemlock wood has natural resistance to humidity, changes in temperature, fungus, and decay
  • Crafted to form a tight seal that evenly distributes heat
  • Storage space included underneath lower bench; simply raise bench seat to use
  • Top level bench can move in and out of sauna to accommodate for more people
  • Built with tempered glass windows that allows you to see out of the sauna while still being durable enough to withstand high temperatures
  • Roomy infrastructure seats up to 8-10 adults comfortably
  • Powered by a premium wood-burning Harvia heater
  • Comes with with built-in venting holes for easy installation
  • The modern, cube-shaped style looks stunning in any outdoor environment
  • Bitumen shingle roofing protects your sauna from the elements
  • Outdoor sauna was designed and made right here in the USA

Sauna Technical Specs

  • Material: Hemlock Wood; Tempered Glass
  • Exterior Dimensions: 8.1L x 6.6W x 7H ft.
  • Interior Dimensions: 6.9L x 6.1W x 6.5H ft.
  • Heater: Wood-Burning Harvia M3 Heater; CE and EAC certified
  • Includes: (1) Wood-Burning Harvia Heater; (1) Traditional Wooden Sauna Bucket with Plastic Liner; (1) Wooden Water Scoop; (1) Wooden Sand Timer; (1) Thermo-Hygrometer; (1) 44 lb. of Sauna Lava Stones
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Assembly Required: No

Trailer Technical Details

  • Model Number: Bulldog Trailer Model Number 716S
  • Dimensions:2L x 6.7W ft.
  • Max Load Capacity: 5,520 lb.
  • Trailer Type: Double Axle
  • Includes: (1) Trailer Jack; (1) Storage Box

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