Aleko Exit Sensor Adaptor LM157A-AP

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Aleko Exit Sensor Adaptor LM157A-AP

Product Description

Compatible with ALEKO LM157 Exit Sensor

Also compatible with The ALEKO gate opener models below:

LockMaster LM901, 902 ALEKO AS Series AS450, 600, 650, 900, 1200 1300 ALEKO AC1800, 2700 ALEKO AR1800, 2700 ALEKO GG Series GG450, 650, 900, 1300.

Product Features

  • Allow automatically opens the gate when a car passes
  • Solar friendly design will not drain gate opener battery
  • 2 year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Allows your vehicle to exit the property automatically, without hand operation.
  • The gates open automatically when the loop detector senses the vehicle moving.

Aleko Exit Sensor Adaptor Lm157A-Ap