Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse VI23

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Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse VI23

Product Description 

The Victorian Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the “Helios” line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. This company has been making high-end glass greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the Victorian model, in 1999, they have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe. We are proud to now be the USA distributor of this very fine greenhouse.

The Victorian Greenhouse not only provides a first-class quality greenhouse environment, it also adds significant old fashion English style and beauty to your backyard. This is a classic English greenhouse. Janssens has improved on the overall design and internal growing environment of this style of greenhouse since it's initial release, while keeping the price lower than comparable models in this class. Available in three different sizes, the Victorian Greenhouse is suitable for almost any backyard application.


  • UPDATE: Now available with 10mm triple layer "X-Strong" Polycarbonate windows instead of glass. No more need to special order this option.
  • X-Strong polycarbonate panels feature beveled edges with U-shaped metal end caps for increased durability.
  • Aluminum Profiles are larger,thicker, stronger than those of any competitor in this price range
  • Uses 4mm tempered glass while other use only 3 mm glass
  • Windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals, which provide better insulation - others only use metal clips
  • Vertical glass is only one piece - looks much nicer. Others use two overlapping pieces - which fills with dirt
  • 6" high foundation frame included - others usually cost extra
  • 1 or 2 Spindle Roof Window Openers (great in windy conditions), and automatic window openers on other roof windows
  • Includes a misting system (customer has to provide a hose to connect to faucet)
  • Shoulder (with large gutter) 6'7" high - about 1 foot higher than other greenhouses
  • One sliding door - can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back or sides)
  • Significantly better insulated then other glass greenhouses. How? Rubber seals, single pane window, and 4mm glass


Polycarbonated Tempered Glass
Item VI23 VI23 Black / VI23
Color black black / dark green
Size 79 sq.ft. 79 sq.ft.
Country of Origin Belgium Belgium
Assembled Length 122" 122"
Assembled width 93" 93"
Assembled Depth/height 102" 102"
Material aluminum frame &
tempered glass
aluminum frame &
tempered glass


  • 7’9” wide x 10’2” long x 8’6” - 80 sq. ft. - with 2 roof windows and 1 louvered window.
  • Standard color: Dark green (RAL 6009m) - electrostatic application.
Optional Accessory Kit includes: 
  • 1 narrow top shelf (10' L x 4" W)
  • 1 seed-tray shelf (10' L x 20" W x 4" D)
  • full-length shade curtain


Jr Victorian Assembly Instruction

Printable Features

TUV Certificate

Glass Certification

2018 Structural Certification Letter

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