Exaco BioStar 1000 Premium Cold-Frame BioStar1000

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Exaco BioStar 1000 Premium Cold-Frame BioStar1000

Product Description

The Juwel Biostar 1000 premium cold frame with integrated netting is perfect for year round growing in any small garden or backyard application. Sliding top panes offer excellent ventilation while netting keeps harmful destructive pests.


  • Premium cold frame constructed from quality materials
  • Double layer roof window: polycarbonate and mosquito netting
  • Unique "no-drip" coating prevents condensation on plants
  • 8mm twin wall polycarbonate
  • Strong enough for 6 ft of snow
  • Child safe rounded edges
  • Polycarbonite has 10 yr UV guarantee
  • Includes 4 corner stakes


Item Biostar1000
Size medium
Assembled Length 40"
Assembled width 30"
Assembled Depth/height 17" front/ 20.5" back
Color green parts & anodized
aluminum, opaque poly
Country of Origin Austria
Material Polypropylene corner
connectors aluminum frame,
8 mm twin-wall poly

Note: This item is also available at Large size.. 


  • Assembled:   40"w x 30"d x 17"h / 15.6 lbs
  • Box:   30.3"w x 2.6"d x 44.4"h / 19.6 lbs
  • Container 40':   50 Euro Pallets / 800 units
  • Floor Display:   8 units per box 2 boxes per Euro Pallet - 16 units per display/pallet
  • Display w. Pallet:   31.5"w x 47.3" long/deep x 51"h

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