Exaco Aeroplus 6000-3-stage composter - Aeroplus6000

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Exaco Aeroplus 6000-3-stage composter -  Aeroplus6000

Product Description

The Aeroplus 6000 is the latest in multi-stage vertical composting. It is designed to take up less space that 2 or 3 regular compost bins. Constructed of 5mm thick plastic, the Aeroplus is much more durable than other 3 stage units.

Walls include unique "active" aeration system which provides controlled air flow for optimal microbial action. Lid is hinged with turning handle "lock" to keep animals out.

  • Stage 1: Collect Fresh organic matter in the large top bin.
  • Stage 2:strong> Push waste through to 2nd level to undergo main breakdown process, turn the side handle to drop compost to maturing chamber.
  • Stage 3: Let the compost mature - when full empty as needed.


  • Winner of Red Dot Design Award - Best of the Best 2013
  • Ideal for organic household waste and kitchen scraps, not for grass cuttings in large quantity
  • Large filling flap with seal, convenient filling, prevents annoying flying insects
  • Hygienic turning over twice directly in Aeroplus
  • Easy to adjust bilateral ventilation – summer/winter
  • Quick and intensive heating up when composting due to optimum oxygen transfer
  • Fresh compost separate from the ground; prevents rodents from entering
  • Turning base operated from the outside via the crank handle
  • It is no longer necessary to tediously separate the composted material and fresh compost due to the chamber system
  • All elements are ergonomically designed and snap into place
  • High quality, weatherproof and durable recycled plastic in leaf green


Item Aeroplus6000
Color green
Size 140 gal.
Overall Size Assembled 31.1" x 31.1" x 43.3" h
Euro Pallet Size - 8 Units per Pallet 31.5" x 48" x 76.4" h
Euro Pallet Weight - 8 Units per Pallet 440lbs
Quantity per Container 40' 250
Country of Origin Austria
Material Polypropylene Plastics
high impact resistant in cold weather
UV stabilized




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