Aleko Remote Control Transmitter for Gate Opener 4-Channel LM122/LM124-AP

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Aleko Remote Control Transmitter for Gate Opener 4-Channel LM122/LM124-AP

Product Description

ALEKO’s Remote Controls make the perfect accessories for enjoying your Gate and Gate Opener purchases. With a press of a button, our Remote Controls make getting in and out of your gated area quick, easy, and efficient. Ideal for instances where poor weather or safety concerns prevent you from physically opening and closing your gate or garage door. The remote is small in size, and conveniently fits inside your pocket, bag, or key-chain. Syncing to your Gate Opener is quick and simple.This remote transmits 4-channels, allowing it to support up to 4 different gates. Compatible with ALEKO’s Gate Openers, specifically GG900, GG1300, GG1700, AC1500, AC1800, AC2700, AC5700, AR900, AR1550, AR1850, AR2450, AR2750, and AR5750.

Remote frequency: 433.92MHZ
This remote control (transmitter LM124) works with all ALEKO Swing Gate openers AA,AS and GG Series except ETL models.

Swing Gate Openers:
  • AA350/700/550/1100
  • AS450/600/650/850/900/1300/1700
  • GG450/650/850/900/1300/1700
Sliding Gate Openers:
  • AC1300/1500/1800/2200/2400/2700/5700
  • AR900/1350/1550/1850/2250/2450/2750/5750
4-channel remote transmitter can operate 4 different gates. Comes with key chain clasp.

Product Specifications

  • Keep Warm and Dry with this Universal Remote for ALEKO Standard and ETL Swing Gate Openers
  • Remote conveniently fits inside a pocket, bag, or key-chain for increased accessibility
  • Syncs to an ALEKO Gate Opener quickly and efficiently
  • Consists of 4 Channels that can support up to 4 different gates at a time
  • Compatible with ALEKO's Gate Openers: GG900, GG1300, GG1700, AC1500, AC1800, AC2700, AC5700, AR900, AR1550, AR1850, AR2450, AR2750, and AR5750
  • Remote frequency: 433.92 MHZ. 12V 27A
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces