Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub with Charcoal Stove 2 Person 132 Gallon HT2PIN-AP

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Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub with Charcoal Stove 2 Person 132 Gallon HT2PIN-AP


ALEKO's Two-Person Natural Pine Hot Tub with a Charcoal Stove is beautiful, multipurpose and will transform any backyard into a relaxing escape. The visually aesthetic pine hot tub features a natural wood finish that seamlessly blends into existing decor. With an impressive 132 gallon capacity, this tub is just right for two people to fully immerse in a restorative spa experience.

This charcoal-heated hot tub has a five to six hour heating time, however this ingenious design ensures that no energy is wasted. The included cover also ensures that heat is retained in between uses.
This hot tub is nicknamed "The Corn Tub" because while the water heats to your ideal temperature, you can use the attached charcoal stove to prepare an outdoor meal for two - ideal for steaming vegetables or grilling a steak! Light the stove charcoal easier with our combustion improvement feature, which holds fuel under the charcoal to ensure an easy flame; an air intake vent below keeps the fire going. Cleanup is just as easy with the ash catcher below, which can be emptied when you are finished.

Enjoy serenity and a good time whenever it suits you with this affordable, durable and functional personal backyard spa.

To ensure optimal cleanliness and enjoyment of your spa, some chemicals are necessary to treat the water. Learn more about what you need to maintain your hot tub here.


  • ALEKO Two-Person Hot Tub with Charcoal Stove
  • Features: Natural rustic aesthetic, lightweight and easy to move, affordable price point, convenient stove attachment to cook food during the heating process
  • Heating time varies depending on the temperature of the water used to fill the tub; heats 1-3 degrees F/h
  • Includes Hot Tub Cover to help retain heat in between uses
  • Water Capacity: 132 gallon / Person Capacity: 2 people
  • Dimensions: 76 x 31 x 28 inches
  • Material: Natural Pine Wood

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