Aleko Id Card For Lm106 Keypad Lm170-Ap Keypads

Aleko ID Card for LM106 Keypad LM170-AP

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Aleko ID Card for LM106 Keypad LM170-AP

Product Description

Programming LM106 wired keypad

1. How to get into the Program Mode

  • Press #### Red LED OFF, Green LED ON then press 123456 #
  • If Red LED OFF and Green LED flashes, you are in the Program Mode. Or Red LED ON and Green LED OFF means you fail. Try again (Default password is 123456).

2. How to change your Program password

  • Press 0 "new password" # "new password" # (new password must be in six digits format, please beware that you must be in program mode before you take this step 12)

3. How to add card continuously with automatically card number assignment

  • Press 1 (swipe card (apply to unregistered card only) #
  • The controller will assign each registered card with individual card number (default password is 888888, it is just applied to Card and Password mode).You can change this password following this step: If this is a new installed keypad, the card number will be started at 0001, 0002 and so on. If this keypad have registered cards, the card number will be started after the last registered card's number. If this is a registered card, controller will Di(long) for warning, you still can continue your operation by swiping another new card.